The information on this page relates to June and July test dates only.  The reservation procedures are changing for later test dates and the page will be updated accordingly. Until then, please read the information here and in the pink box here

What is the difference between registration and reservation?

Registration is the process of creating a user profile, which involves typing your personal data onto a form.  Reservation is when you log into your approved profile to select a test date and pay the test fee.

Why do I need a candidate profile?

The personal data you provide in your candidate profile is the information we need to be able to enter your registration details into the IELTS global database.  The details you provide will be printed on your Test Report Form so please pay careful attention to avoid typing and other errors.  Once you have created your profile, you will be able to log in to update the details or reserve an open test date. 

How can I amend the details in my profile?

If your profile has not yet been approved, you just need to login, click on the candidate profile link and retype the information.  If your profile has already been approved you can only do this if you do not have a current test reservation.  Please note that if you amend your profile, it will need to be approved again before you can continue with the registration procedure.

What happens if I obtain a new passport between reserving a test and test day?

Wherever possible, if your passport is due to expire, you should apply for a new one BEFORE reserving a test.  If your passport details change after your reservation is confirmed, you will not be able to amend the data in your profile and must bring both your old and new passports on test day.  Our administration staff then need to amend your entry in the IELTS global database so that the correct information is printed on your TRF.

Why can't I use my National Identity Card (Melli Card) to register?

IELTS regulations require a form of ID which has a photo, a signature and data in English lettering. This data is printed on your TRF. Farsi names and dates of birth cannot always be accurately transliterated, which may lead to difficulties with immigration authorities and other receiving organisations. For this reason, only candidates who are prohibited by Iranian law from having a passport may register with their national identity card instead. Please email  for details of how to proceed.

Why has my profile not been approved yet?

IELTS Tehran aims to approve all candidate profiles within 24 hours.  If your profile has not been approved within this timeframe it is usually because you have not entered your first and family names in the correct fields, have selected the wrong gender or typed an incorrect email address.   The day after creating your profile, an email will be sent asking you to correct the data, so please check your inbox and spam folder.  If the data is not amended, your profile will be deleted.

Why has my profile been deleted?

If candidates do not enter all data correctly, their profile will automatically be deleted after 2 days and you will have to commence the registration procedures again.

Can I use the same profile to reserve current and future tests?

Once your profile has been approved, it will remain in our database for a limited period so that you can login and go straight to step two whenever you wish to reserve a test place.  Note that candidates are responsible for ensuring their profile data is correct, and any amendments must be made BEFORE reserving a test.  After 6 months of inactivity, or if your passport has expired, your profile will be deleted.

Which test dates can I reserve?

When you want to choose a test date, a list of available tests and modules will be seen.  The status link above the timetable explains when to check for new test openings.  Then you simply need to click on an “open, reserve” date on the timetable page of  This action results in you obtaining a reservation number for that test date. 

How many tests can I register for?

Each profile can have one test reservation at a time.  If you do not remit the test fee, your reservation will be cancelled in 5 days and you can then reserve another test date.  If you have a confirmed reservation, you cannot reserve another test until your first test has taken place.  Depending on availability, this might be anything from a week to a couple of months later.  If you do not have an urgent deadline, please consider other candidates who do and who might miss out if you have registered unnecessarily. We advise all candidates to wait until the results of their first test before signing up for a second test. 

What happens if I select the wrong date or test module?

Our system has a prompt to ensure you make the correct selection before clicking "yes".  If you still make a mistake, you need to wait 5 days without remitting the test fee for automatic cancellation.  You will then be able to reserve your correct date and module.

Where do I remit the test fee?

The bank account details are given in step 3 (payments) of the online registration procedures.  You cannot access the payments section before selecting a test date and all payments must be made AFTER making your reservation.  Refunds will NOT be given to candidates who remit the fee first and are unable to reserve a test date later.

Can I pay the test fee online?

Currently, candidates should remit the test fee in person at a local bank.  Alternatively, you can pay via ATM or transfer to the account number online if your own account permits this.  For future tests, it may be possible to pay by debit card online and an announcement will be made on our site to inform candidates of this new option.

How long does it take to approve my payment?

IELTS Tehran aims to approve all payments within 24 hours of you entering your bank receipt number and scanning your bank receipt.  Most receipts are checked after the site closes at 10pm, so you will usually receive your confirmation email overnight.

Why can’t I remit the test fee first and then reserve a seat?

Due to fluctuating currency exchange rates, the fee might vary with different tests.  You will not have access to the bank account details until the first 2 steps of the registration procedure have been carried out successfully.  This is for your benefit to ensure you can reserve the test date of your choice, instead of paying and then discovering your preferred test date is no longer available.

Candidates who are reserving for the second time are also advised to follow the steps in order, as refunds will NOT be given if you pay first and fail to reserve a test later.

What happens during the 5 day period after reserving a test date?

When you have selected your test date, a place will be reserved for you for 5 days. During this time, you have to pay the test fee, enter your bank receipt number and upload your bank receipt. If you do not do this, your reservation will be cancelled and that seat will become available for another candidate. You will need to start from step 2 again if you still wish to reserve a test, and your original test date may no longer be available.

What happens if I remit the test fee but fail to upload the receipt within the 5 day period?

Your reservation will automatically be cancelled and you need to reserve another seat on the same or another test.  This time, you will be able to upload your receipt immediately.

What happens if I remit the test fee, fail to upload the receipt and cannot reserve another test afterwards?

If this happens, please write to with your first test reservation code and bank receipt number and a brief description of your efforts to try and reserve another test. 

What happens if I remit the test fee, then change my mind and do not want to confirm the reservation?

Please see the section on our transfer/cancellation policy below.  An administration fee will apply, so only pay the test fee if you are sure you want to sit the test.

When I check the timetable, the test I want is closed but a few days later it is open. Why?

Each test has a limited capacity which is filled up on a first come, first served basis. When all places are filled up the reservation session will close. However, some of the candidates will still be at the 5 day reservation stage and if they fail to remit the test fee during that time, their reservation will be cancelled and seats for that test date will open again.

Automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations occurs overnight and candidates will be able to check the timetable after 09:30 to see if any places have reopened or not.  If the status message says "open, reserve" the test will reopen at 10:00.  If the status is still "Reopening Soon" there will be no activity that day.

Can I access my profile at all times?

Whenever login is open, you will be able to create, amend or update the personal information in your profile, provided you do not have a current test reservation.  

What is the status page of my profile?

This shows you whether all stages of your registration and reservation have been approved or not. You will receive 2 emails during these procedures - one to approve your profile and a second one to inform you of your reservation number.  When you remit the test fee and this has been verified, you will receive a 3rd email and your status will be fully approved, which means the reservation is confirmed.  The green ticks or red crosses in the status box show whether or not each step has been approved.  They should not be confused with the green and pink bars in the grey margin on the website, which merely show whether or not you have completed the procedures.

What is your cancellation and transfer policy?

IELTS regulations do not permit cancellation or transfer requests made within 5 weeks of the test.  Before this deadline you can log into your profile, click on the transfer/cancellation icon (visible only after you log in) and follow the step by step instructions.  There is an administration fee for this service which amounts to 25% of the test fee.

What happens if I reserve a second test but then don't need to take it because I get the bandscore I need in my first test?

If you sign up for a 2nd test before the results of your first test have been released and then get the results you need, you cannot apply for a refund of your second test fee. This is why we ask you wait for the results of each test before registering for another one.   Otherwise, all transfers and cancellations are subject to the 5 week rule and administration fee - please see above.

What happens if I am absent on test day?

If you fail to turn up at the test, you will lose your full test fee.  However, if your absence was due to a medical emergency, bereavement or other unforseen circumstance, please print and fill out the IELTS Refund/Transfer Form and the Official, Signed Evidence Form and return to by 16:00 5 days after test day.  BOTH forms must be returned.  An administration fee amounting to 25% of the test fee will be charged for all cancellations and transfers.

For Saturday tests, your deadline is 16:00 on the following Wednesday and for Thursday tests, your deadline is 16:00 on the following Monday.

Please note: absentee candidates MUST fill out the IELTS form and cannot use the automatic transfer/cancellation feature.  The administration fee still applies and in the case of cancellations, it takes 2-3 months for your refund to be processed.

Other questions

If you have any questions which are not answered above, please email our registration department at