How can I register for a test with IELTS Tehran?

Please go to the registration page of our website, read the information and then select your preferred test date from the timetable. You will automatically be taken to the IELTS ESSENTIALS online registration system.

What do I need to know before filling out the application form on IELTS ESSENTIALS?

You must sign your passport in the space marked "holder's signature", then scan and save the file ready for uploading onto the system.

The personal data you provide on your application will be printed on your Test Report Form, so please pay careful attention to avoid typing and other errors. 

· Y   How can I amend the personal data in my application?

I have received an email asking me to upload my passport again. How can I do this?

  • Log into
  • Scroll down to "My Bookings" and click the details button to open the booking summary page
  • Click "Application Details" from the menu at the top and scroll down to the browse button and upload your new file
  • click "continue"

NOTE: the above changes cannot be made if you already have a confirmed test reservation.

What happens if I obtain a new passport between reserving a test and test day?

Wherever possible, if your passport is due to expire, you should apply for a new one BEFORE reserving a test. If your passport details change after your reservation is confirmed, you will not be able to upload a new one and must bring your old and new passports on test day so that our administration staff can make the necessary amendments in the IELTS global database to ensure the correct information is printed on your TRF.

Why can't I use my National Identity Card (Melli Card) to register?

IELTS regulations require a form of ID which has a photo, a signature and data in English lettering. This data is printed on your TRF. Farsi names and dates of birth cannot always be accurately transliterated, which may lead to difficulties with immigration authorities and other receiving organisations. For this reason, only candidates who are prohibited by Iranian law from having a passport may register with their national identity card instead. Please email for details of how to proceed.

Why has my test reservation been deleted?

If candidates do not pay the test fee and email the bank receipt to us within 4 days of selecting their test date, their seat will automatically be cancelled and open up for another candidate. If you still want to reserve a test, you need to log in and start the reservation procedures again.

Can I use the same profile to reserve current and future tests?

Yes, just click on a new date on our timetable and select existing user and type your login details. You will be prompted to update the 2nd page of your application, then read and tick the IELTS Declaration box again.

Which test dates can I reserve?

You can view our test dates on the timetable and click on any date which is open for reservation.

What happens if I select the wrong date or test module?

Throughout the reservation procedure, you have the opportunity to view your selected date & module in the test session details box at the top of the page, and can change this by clicking on the reselect button.

Where do I remit the test fee?

After filling out the application form, you will be prompted to click on the offline payment option. Full test fee, bank account and different payment methods are provided in the pop up box which opens. This can be printed or viewed again by logging in, scrolling down to My Booking and clicking on the offline payment instructions link.

How long does it take to approve my payment?

IELTS Tehran aims to approve all payments within 48 hours of receiving your emailed receipt and you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

What happens if I remit the test fee but don’t email the receipt within the 5 day period?

Your reservation will automatically be cancelled and you will need to log in and start the reservation procedures again.

Can I access my profile at all times?

Yes, the website is open 24/7 and you can log in at any time.

What happens if I remit the test fee, then change my mind and do not want to confirm the reservation?

Please see our transfer/cancellation policy below.  An administration fee will apply, so only pay the test fee if you are sure you want to sit the test.

What is your transfer and cancellation policy?

IELTS regulations do not permit cancellation or transfer requests made within 5 weeks of the test.  Before this deadline you should print and fill out the IELTS Transfer/Refund Form and return it with the Official Signed Evidence Form to  There is an administration fee for this service which amounts to 25% of the test fee.

What happens if I reserve a second test but then don't need to take it because I get the bandscore I need in my first test?

If you sign up for a 2nd test before the results of your first test have been released and then get the results you need, you cannot apply for a refund of your second test fee.  We suggest you wait for the results of each test before registering for another one.   Otherwise, all transfers and cancellations are subject to the 5 week rule and administration fee - please see above.

What happens if I am absent on test day?

If you fail to turn up at the test, you will lose your full test fee.  However, if your absence was due to a medical emergency, bereavement or other unforseen circumstance, please print and fill out the IELTS Refund/Transfer Form and the Official, Signed Evidence Form and return to by 16:00 5 days after test day.  BOTH forms must be returned.  An administration fee amounting to 25% of the test fee will be charged for all cancellations and transfers.

For Saturday tests, your deadline is 16:00 on the following Wednesday and for Thursday tests, your deadline is 16:00 on the following Monday.