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IELTS Registration is changing and soon all test centres worldwide will be reserving their tests via a single global website.  The information on this page relates to our June and July test dates only and the page will be updated after this period.

Candidates wishing to reserve 20th August should refer to the information above the Timetable and click here for further details.

REGISTRATION Click the "register" button in the grey margin to create your user profile and then wait for approval.  Candidates who already have a profile should login to update their data.  All profile data must be correct before reserving a test. During inactive periods, clicking on the register button will show when the next round of registrations begins. 

RESERVATION Click on "login" and go to the test date page of your profile to select any open test date.  Only candidates with an approved profile can reserve a test.  For further information about reservation procedures please click here

When your payment has been approved, please prepare the following documents

  • A print of your profile page taken after you reserve your test.  Log in, click the profile link, then click the print button at the bottom of the page
  • A print of the IELTS Declaration, signed and dated 
  • Your passport*
  • Copy of your passport (photo and signature pages)
  • Your bank receipt


 If Iranian law prohibits you from having a passport, please email h.mirashrafi@ieltstehran.com

You must bring ALL the above documents to your speaking test.  Candidates who fail to do so will NOT be permitted to sit the test

Please read the important registration guidelines below

  • The signature on the IELTS Declaration must be the same as the one on your passport  
  • Your passport must be signed in the space marked "holder's signature" and shown when you come for your speaking test and again when you check-in on test day
  • Do not give your passport to an Embassy for visa processing during the test cycle, as you will not be permitted to attend if you cannot show your passport when you come for your speaking test and again on test day
  • If your passport has less than 3 month’s validity, you should change/renew it BEFORE registering for the IELTS test
  • You cannot sit the test with an expired passport and no refund will be given
  • Candidates will be informed of the listening / reading / writing venue when they come for their speaking test
  • Speaking tests will be conducted during the week before the written examinations, and are held at our Tehran office.  A photo will be taken of each candidate, as part of the registration process

3rd Floor, 163 Darya Boulevard, near Motaheri crossroads, Saadat Abad, Tehran

For further details please click here.