Enquiry on Results

To be fair to all test takers, if you are not happy with your result you can apply for an Enquiry on Results within six weeks of the test date. You will an email confirming your final score from your test centre after this time. You must pay an enquiry fee, which is fully refundable if your band score changes.

When can I apply for an Enquiry on Result?

This request must be made within six weeks of the test date on the Test Report Form.

How long will this process take?

The Enquiry on Results will be processed within two-four weeks. You will receive a letter via email confirming your final score from your test centre after this time.

How much will it cost?

The IELTS Australia EOR fee is 35,000,000 Rial and this should be paid in local currency. The amount will be calculated as per the exchange rate after midday on the day your EOR application is received.

Important points

  •  There is no appeal after this re-mark, the decision is final.
  •  You have to send the original TRF back to our center before your EOR can be processed.
  •  During the period of remarking your test results cannot be used to apply for a university or to be sent to an immigration office.
  •  Should the scores change after the Enquiry on Results, a new Test Report Form will be issued and you will be able to apply for up to 5 extra copies to be sent to receiving institutions free of charge within one month of the printing date at the bottom of the new Test Report Form. Please see the Forwarding TRF page for further details.
  • If your score changes, the same amount which you paid for remark process will be paid to you.
  •  For those whose scores remain the same we will return the original Test Report Form to the candidate and there will be no refund.

How can I apply for a remark?

Please fill out the Enquiry on Results form and mail it with your TRF to our office. Alternatively, you can email the form to eor@ieltstehran.com and request an appointment to hand back your TRF in person.