IELTS Exam Payment

Thank you for choosing IELTS Tehran as your test center. Please read the following instructions before clicking Pay Now. This is the last step and you’ll be forwarded to the online payment portal. It is crucial to ensure that all details provided match precisely with your IDP’s profile and test information. Any discrepancies may lead to rejection of your registration.

  1. Complete the form in English language only (e.g. first and last name).
  2. Select Test Module first and then Test Date. Please note that only active dates will be available to select.
  3. Review all the information and make sure everything matches your idp’s registration details.
  4. If everything is accurate, click the “Pay Now” button to go to the payment portal.
  5. After successful payment, you will receive a success message along with a confirmation email.
  6. If payment is failed, double-check your information including your banking details, and try again.
  7. After successful payment, get ready for your exam, and Good Luck!